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Prof. Makoto Shichida

”Let's raise children with a good heart, big dreams and full of talent!”

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Makoto Shichida's letter to his parents

Dear Parents,

We have entered the 21st Century. What will this new era bring us? I am confident that it will be a century full of hope that will change the world.

Between 0 and 3 years old, the brain works intensely, and during this period it is important to give as much as the child asks from us and to stimulate their 5 senses constantly. This is also a time when the child absorbs information quickly and is very eager for knowledge.

Children grow and mature faster than we parents imagine. The human brain begins to develop rapidly after birth, and at the age of 6, 70% of the brain is developed. Making changes after this period becomes an increasing challenge, which requires a sustained effort.

But when the right hemisphere is developed harmoniously with the left hemisphere, the potential is very high. Then a child will be able to exceed our expectations and show their true abilities. As parents, please believe in these possibilities – children’s potential can be cultivated and developed through love.

These children can naturally acquire skills that we didn’t even know existed. Let’s look at how they quickly memorize a considerable amount of information, which they later accurately remember, how they can intuit and manage future changes, how they can improve their athletic abilities – all this comes from a guide to education which will revolutionize the conventional approaches to how we raise our children in the 21st century.

Makoto Shichida

Founder of The Shichida Method

Who was Makoto Shichida

  • Makoto Shichida began his career in education when he was a beloved English teacher in Gotsu, Japan. He taught both children and adults of all ages, and his career progressed as he noticed how quickly children of all ages can learn
  • He became so dedicated to this curiosity that he spent the next 20 years studying the development of the brain and the psychology of children, which later became the foundations of The Shichida Method.
  • Professor Makoto Shichida was a member of the International Academy of Education and an advisor to the Japan Mathematical Certification Association. He earned a doctorate in education and was a public figure recognized in Japan for his many contributions to the study of the brain and learning.
  • In 1997, he received the most prestigious award from the World Science Council, in 1998 he was awarded the World Peace Prize, and in 2003, he received the Grand Prize of the Swedish Academy for Health and Medical Sciences and the Higashiku Ninomiya Invention Award.
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The Shichida Method is a revolutionary method of early education (from 0-6 years old), which harmoniously develops the innate abilities of children.

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