Playing as a way of learning

For a child, learning is playing and playing is learning. They do not know the difference because their growing brain is hungry for knowledge and learning. However, each child learns in a different way, so it is important to find a way to help children not only gain knowledge but also to cultivate their desire for learning and knowledge.

At Shichida, you will be shown how early learning has a new meaning because we will guide you in the best way to work with the child and, most importantly, to feel good with your child. In just 50 minutes a week, parents and children will create a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Weekly activities:

1. Experience the complete learning system that leads to success:

  • Each part of The Shichida Method curriculum leads naturally and organically to the next stage of development for your child;
  • Your child learns a certain subject when they have the ability to learn it best. Our activities are age-appropriate for your child’s maximum enjoyment;
  • Your child receives many opportunities to learn the material in a loving and supportive environment because they receive positive feedback and guidance throughout the lesson from our instructors and from you too.

2. Development at the age of 0-3 years yields results from ages 4-6 years:

  • As your child learns all the basics (colours, numbers, shapes and other basic concepts, etc), they are offered a wide range of materials to interact with;
  • Your child is given the opportunity to learn through simple exposition, along with practical activities;
  • They are not forced to do something they don’t want to or tested;
  • During the early years, as they gain more confidence, their performance and capacity for learning begins to increase from 4 years;
  • Your child will be full of confidence and enthusiasm for learning;
  • They learn to gradually see how they can make an amazing difference in the world. That is why we focus so much on creating this strong foundation.

3.Quality time and nice memories:

  • Time spent with parents, which strengthens the relationship between you and your child;
  • Fun and interactive activities arouse a passion for learning, as your child has positive emotions that are reinforced over time;
  • In just 50 minutes, The Shichida Method program offers an ideal period of quality time that you can spend with your child;
  • This will also help your child to become independent once they grow up, carrying the warm memories of these very special moments;
  • In addition, this program teaches parents how to be their child’s primary teacher. When parents and children learn together, magical things happen!

As you can see, The Shichida Method is a vital part of raising and learning from your child, an experience worth living. To find out more, contact us today!

Iubește. Încurajează. Acceptă.

Shichida este o metodă revoluționară de educație timpurie (de la 0-6 ani), care dezvoltă armonios abilitățile native ale copiilor.


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