The Shichida Method – From the perspective of Professor Florian Colceag

“The Shichida Method is one of the most revolutionary and best-founded pedagogical methods for early education. Makoto Shichida, the creator of this method, has had unimaginable success with regard to all the knowledge related to the development of young children. He has managed to incorporate aspects from neurophysiology studies and the development of personalities, as well as cultural traditions correlated with performance, and much more.

The result is an early training method of the right hemisphere of the brain. Through this education, children develop short-term memory that extends to a medium duration as well as fast and accurate mental calculation and reading ability with unimaginable success. As a bonus, the product of this education are children who are efficient thinkers with balanced and active personalities. These children are able to solve problems they encounter immediately and with empathy and compassion.

The Shichida Method spread rapidly in Asian countries with visible success, and now through Romania, it has entered into Europe. It is useful for all parents who want to maximise their child’s potential that this method of education is available in our country. Romania is the first European country to offer The Shichida Method, which covers the age periods from 0 to 6.5 years, ensuring generations of young children who are able to face the future successfully.”

Florian Colceag

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Shichida este o metodă revoluționară de educație timpurie (de la 0-6 ani), care dezvoltă armonios abilitățile native ale copiilor.


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