What is The Shichida Method?

Description of the method

The Shichida Method is a revolutionary method of early education (0-6 years) that harmoniously develops the innate abilities of children and helps them reach their full potential through a unique educational process, which stimulates both brain hemispheres to work in tandem, resulting in higher performance. The courses are based on a wide range of original teaching materials and take place with parental involvement in internationally accredited Shichida centres.

How is The Shichida Method different?

  • Shichida centres strictly follow the curriculum and can only operate on the basis of international accreditation.
  • Shichida instructors go through a rigorous selection and training process, developed and internationally accredited, to ensure the successful implementation of the method.
  • The Shichida Method educates parents as well as children by requiring parents to participate in classes with their child, thereby strengthening the parent-child relationship.
  • The results of The Shichida Method are measurable and are evaluated on the basis of a well-defined grid so that parents can clearly see the child’s evolution over time.
  • Following the original conception of The Shichida Method, which has been developed over 60 years of teaching and observation, children are not criticized during classes and are never compared to other children, thus developing confidence in their own abilities.
  • The Shichida Method offers specific education solutions for all stages of a child’s development from 0 to 6 years.
  • Shichida centres are equipped with all the necessary facilities to deliver the method, are modernly furnished, and pay close attention to detail to ensure the comfort of parents and children.

All children are born ‘geniuses’

We believe that the purpose of early education is to develop the innate abilities of children from an early age and not to load them with information.

The right hemisphere is dominant until the age of 3 and children have the ability to recognize and understand complex information in a moment, intuitively. Around the age of 3, the left hemisphere begins to develop, which is why it is important for children to develop their right hemisphere in the first part of childhood. Therefore, the innate potential can be developed in the prenatal period and in the first years of life, when the brain develops at a rapid pace.

  • Coordinates the 5 senses
  • It transforms the senses into perceptions and reasoning
  • Master and manage language
  • Responsible for logic and mathematical calculations
  • Allows only unilateral, linear, and two-way thinking
  • Manages judgment and relationships
  • Conveys knowledge based on arguments
  • Ability to learn foreign languages quickly
  • Ability to intuitively make complex mental calculations
  • Photographic memory
  • Quick storage of a considerable amount of information
  • Ability to receive information intuitively and use it appropriately
  • Enjoys learning and applying assimilated information

”Golden Age” - the law of diminishing abilities

According to the law of diminishing abilities, the period between 0-2 years is called the “genius period” or the “golden period”. It is a period favourable to the development of abilities, so it is beneficial for the child to be stimulated during this period with various activities and rich conversations. In addition, the child's abilities are fixed around the age of 6, and after this age, the development of skills requires the investment of extra time and effort. Therefore, the earlier this aspect is addressed, the greater the chances of highlighting and improving the child's innate abilities.

Love, discipline and trust - the 3 pillars of childhood education

According to The Shichida Method, the three pillars of a child's education are love, discipline and trust: when the three pillars are solid, a harmonious and stress-free environment is created, optimal for education. For a relaxed child, their brain works close to maximum capacity, and information can be assimilated in much larger quantities. Under stress, the child's mind is inhibited and the learning process is blocked.

Therefore, The Shichida Method stimulates the brain through play and is based on:

  • love (a strong bond is created between parent and child)
  • discipline (at class and at home, by respecting some rules and a program)
  • trust (both in oneself and from the parents in what their child is capable of achieving)

Our range of original teaching materials

Foto: Silviu Filip | www.silviufilip.ro | www.facebook.com/silviufilip.ro | www.instagram.com/silviufilip.ro

Our instructors use a wide range of teaching materials during the lessons, most of them specifically created by Shichida to develop children’s photographic and long-term memory, mental arithmetic, quick learning of foreign languages, etc.

These include:

  • Flashcards with images or words from the fields of language, mathematics, art, geography, etc.
  • Worksheets (mazes, letter writing, mathematical calculations)
  • Rapid memory cards
  • Games for the development of fine motor skills
  • Puzzles, etc.

Each class has its own set of teaching materials. Over the course of The Shichida Method curriculum we use over 11,500 different teaching materials, created in Japan, under the direct guidance of Shichida specialists.

What we teach and develop at Shichida Romania:

  • Mental mathematics
  • Photographic memory
  • Strategic thinking / problem solving
  • Speed reading etc

Parents can also support their child’s development by working with them at home, based on feedback from their child’s instructor. In time parents can order products through their local Shichida centre.

Foto: Silviu Filip | www.silviufilip.ro | www.facebook.com/silviufilip.ro | www.instagram.com/silviufilip.ro

The Shichida Method is based on over 60 years of didactic research

The Shichida Method was developed in Gotsu, Japan, by Mr Makoto Shichida and perfected over 60 years of teaching activity with proven results. The method is based on sound scientific research and provides measurable results: The Perry Preschool Project, Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, etc.

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Loves. Praise. Accept.

The Shichida Method is a revolutionary method of early education (from 0-6 years old), which harmoniously develops the innate abilities of children.

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