Mrs Shah

“In addition to literacy and the ability to retain a lot of information, Shichida modelled my son’s maturity and developed his analytical thinking. In Shichida, he acquired a positive attitude towards learning and the ability to concentrate. These abilities encouraged him to explore different horizons in the world (running, swimming and martial arts), in addition to academic disciplines. By interacting with the instructors and his friends from The Shichida Center, he has developed excellent social and communication skills, but also empathy and compassion for his colleagues.

Iubește. Încurajează. Acceptă.

Shichida este o metodă revoluționară de educație timpurie (de la 0-6 ani), care dezvoltă armonios abilitățile native ale copiilor.


Luni-Vineri: 9 AM - 7 PM
Sâmbăta: 9 AM - 4 PM


Centrul Shichida Oradea Str. Kiev nr. 8
Telefon Fix: 0359.170.327
Telefon Fix: 0359.170.328